F7S-W Passenger Vehicle Diagnostic Scan Tool

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The F7S-W Passenger Vehicle Diagnostic Scan Tool is a diagnostic tablet platform based on the Android operating system. It supports powerful diagnostic functions, reset and bi-directional special functionality, wiring diagrams, remote support and online updates.

This product provides users with an all-in-one vehicle diagnostics and maintenance solution.

Our scan tool provides the most coverage for all major categories, including American, Asian and European car manufacturers.

Special functions available on this diagnostic scan tool include but are not limited to: DPF Regenerations, Read/Clear Fault Codes, Live Data Graph/Text, SCR Crystal Sublimation, Injector Calibration, Clutch Calibrations, Learned Data Resets, Parameter Programming, Parameter Resets, Service Resets, TPMS Resets, Gauge Testing, Differential Pressure Sensor Reset, Oil Dilution Reset, Injector Cut-Off, Cylinder Balancing, SCV Learning & Replacement, Oil Pressure Testing, Activation/Actuation of Components, Level Sensor Calibrations, and so much more.

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