The Founder's Story

FCAR Australia was co-founded by Alexandra Johnston and Terry Burgess in 2016 with a vision to become the leading brand of heavy duty and passenger vehicle combination scan tools for the Australian market. Terry was born on the 9th of April 1928 in Fairfield, NSW and lived most of his life in the Greater Sydney area. Terry sadly passed away on the 17th December 2022 at home with his family. Terry’s life legacy encompasses the great company he co-founded, his former students, friends and his diverse family of children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and even great-great grandchildren!

Terry had a passion for sharing his mechanical and diagnostic knowledge with the world, beginning his career as a mechanic in workshops and service centres and then moving into the teaching space at TAFE to share the knowledge he had gained with the next generation of mechanics. In 1992, Terry founded Launchtech NSW which began his involvement in service equipment and vehicle diagnostics. Today, FCAR Australia is a predominantly family run and owned business supporting over 1000 auto electricians, mechanics, service centres, councils, sole traders and countless other valued businesses and individuals.

Company Timeline

  • FCAR Australia is founded in Castle Hill, NSW

  • F3, F5 and F6 series diagnostic scan tools are now introduced into the Australian market.

  • R&E Auto Parts and Sulco (NZ) are onboarded as major resellers of FCAR diagnostic equipment.

  • F7 Series of diagnostic scan tools are introduced into the Australian market.
  • FCAR attends the AAAA QLD Autocare Show.
  • Remote vehicle diagnostic assistance and over the air updates now available.
  • FCAR office is moved from Castle Hill, NSW to Norwest, NSW. 
  • FCAR attends the AAAA Melbourne trade show.
  • Repco, Ashdown-Ingram, NAPA and Autoequip Australia are onboarded as major resellers of FCAR diagnostic equipment.
  • COVID-19 pandemic begins.
  • CoolDrive Auto Parts become a major reseller of the FCAR diagnostic range.
  • Diagnostic coverage surpasses 200 individual vehicle brands.
  • Additional technical team members onboarded.
  • Premium Diagnostic Equipment become a major reseller of the FCAR diagnostic range.
  • Introduction of the HDS 300+ and HDS 600 All-In-One Code Readers to the Australian Market.
  • Our co-founder, Terry Burgess sadly passed away at home with his family. Terry leaves a legacy that spans many generations and countless friends, family and acquaintances.  The company will continue to operate in his memory and our customers will experience the same level of service Terry prided himself on providing.
  • FCAR Australia reopens for the year 03/01/2023.
  • 5D Wheel Aligners are officially introduced to the Australian market.