FOBD fault code reader

The FOBD is a portable vehicle detection and oil light reset tool introduced by the FCAR company to suit the majority of vehicle owners. Vehicle owners can run diagnostic procedures on their mobile phone to monitor the running status of most vehicles. This device helps users stay aware of the working conditions of a vehicle engine at any time and assists in confirming maintenance completion. The additional oil light reset function allows car owners to also change their oil when they are free.

Read/Erase Fault Codes

Read Engine ID Information

Data Stream Saving and Playback

Graphical Display of Data Streams

Read Data Stream

Oxygen Sensor Test

Clear Oil Warning Light

Maintenance Mileage Setting

I/M Ready State Test

DTC Searching

Read Freeze-Frame Data

Dynamic Display of Engine
Operating Conditions

Technical Specifications
Bluetooth module4.0
Product size60*42*20mm
Operating temperature0-50c
Storage temperature-20 - 80c
Input voltage9-18
Android system4.4 and above
IOS system7.0 and above
Supported protocolsCANBUS, KWP2000, ISO9141-2, J1850
CoverageMore than 40 brands
LanguagesEnglish, Spanish, Russian, ...