Photo of two FCAR 5D wheel aligner system cameras.

Precision redefined. Experience the future of wheel alignment.

The FD-505S Suspended Wheel Alignment System is an innovative and reliable high-performance aligner that features a breakthrough suspended design. Unlike traditional aligners, it doesn’t occupy any on-ground space, as the aligner units are fixed in holders installed in 2 post car lifts. It is compact, weighing only 65kg, which makes it easy to carry and saves on shipping costs.

The installation of the FD-505S is straightforward, taking less than 30 minutes to set up with just a few steps. Once fixed, there’s no need to move it during each alignment, making it a time-efficient solution for alignment technicians.

The FD-505S comes equipped with a Pentad HD camera matrix, featuring five high-accuracy cameras that capture details from every little corner, resulting in the most reliable alignment data. Its self-developed alignment software is another excellent feature of the FD-505S. FCAR has spent years developing an advanced technology with the most intuitive software to give any alignment technician the tools needed for an easy and fast alignment.

The FD-505S is tablet operated, making it fully mobile and allowing you to perform alignments on two-post car lifts. Furthermore, it can connect with all kinds of Android TVs, allowing for simultaneous demonstrations in workshops.

The FD-505S is suitable for a range of situations. These include accelerated or uneven tire wear, replacing worn suspension or steering, traction, floating or other handling or operation problems, and repair after a collision.

The FD-505S is versatile and provides a range of applicable functions. It includes camber, caster, KPI, toe, setback, thrust, rear axle yaw, wheel deviation, and axis deviation. The inclusion of these functions makes the FD-505S a one-stop-shop for any alignment technician, providing them with all the tools necessary to diagnose and fix alignment issues quickly and efficiently.

In summary, the FD-505S Suspended Wheel Alignment System is a game-changer for alignment technicians. Its innovative and reliable design, compact size, easy installation, and powerful software make it a must-have for any workshop looking to provide high-quality alignment services.

Measurable Parameters
Front and Rear Toe-in

Front and Rear Camber


Kingpin Inclination

Thrust Angle

Technical Specifications
Front wheel inclination angle±0.02°±19°
Rear wheel thrust angle±0.02°±2°
Rear wheel axle deflection±0.02°±2°
Track width difference±0.02°±2°
Front setback±0.02°±2°
Rear setback±0.02°±2°