5D Wheel Aligner

Photo of two FCAR 5D wheel aligner system cameras.
Photo of two FCAR 5D wheel aligner system cameras.

Precision redefined. Experience the future of wheel alignment.

Introducing the FCAR 5D four-wheel alignment system – a state-of-the-art aligner equipped with 5 cameras to accurately measure the geometry steering angle of your vehicle. With the ability to measure convergence, fall (both front and rear), advance, kingpin tilt, exit and thrust, this alignment system is designed to deliver precise results every time.

The FCAR FD505 portable steering wheel aligner is fully compatible with all types of lifts, making it ideal for auto mechanic shops of all sizes. It can be operated from the front or rear of the vehicle and comes with rectangular or trapezoidal targets. The claws of the targets range from 10″ to 24″ inches in the size of the rims, ensuring that it can accommodate a wide range of vehicles.

Whether you have a four-post lift, two-post lift, long scissor lift, or short scissor lift, our aligner is the perfect solution for optimal vehicle alignment. With the ability to compensate for warping, measure values of angles of fall and convergence, and measure advance and exit, you can trust our aligner to adjust the geometric configuration, steering mechanism, and suspension elements of your vehicle with precision and ease.

Invest in the FCAR 5D four-wheel alignment system today and experience the future of vehicle alignment technology.

Measurable Parameters
Front and Rear Toe-in

Front and Rear Camber


Kingpin Inclination

Thrust Angle

Technical Specifications
Front wheel inclination angle±0.02°±19°
Rear wheel thrust angle±0.02°±2°
Rear wheel axle deflection±0.02°±2°
Track width difference±0.02°±2°
Front setback±0.02°±2°
Rear setback±0.02°±2°