5D Wheel Aligner

The FCAR 5D four-wheel alignment system breaks the limits of the field and is applicable to a variety of lifting platforms (two posts, four posts, small scissors and large scissors). The 5D wheel aligner can be installed in all four of these platforms.

The FD 505 can accurately measure automobile tire parameters, including:

  • Front and rear toe-in
  • Front and rear camber
  • Caster
  • Kingpin inclination and thrust angle, etc

With high accuracy, the FD 505 makes it easy to measure all aspects of wheel alignment

Technical specifications:

Front wheel inclination angle±0.02°±19°
Rear wheel thrust angle±0.02°±2°
Rear wheel axle deflection±0.02°±2°
Track width difference±0.02°±2°
Front setback±0.02°±2°
Rear setback±0.02°±2°